Requirement of an employee referrer account

  • You are only allowed to register for an account with a personal email.
  • Any registration with a disposable email or a personal email is prohibited.

Steps to create an employee account

  1. To register for an employee referrer account, please visit
  2. Confirm your account with the verification email sent to your work email.
  3. Once confirmed, you have successfully signed up as an employee referrer.

What to expect after you sign in for the 1st time

To begin your JobFit experience, start with STEP 1 by updating 'My Settings'.  You can go to after you have logged in.

Your settings are the key to getting quality referrals who understand you team's needs.

There are 3 different settings

  1. Connect a Job - by connecting to an already posted job on,, or a job link from your company's career page, you can specify to people what jobs you want to specifically refer and how you are related to them.  By giving context about the job and how you're related to the job, a candidate will have a better understanding to create a Fit Story that is catered to your background.
  2. Your Profile - It's often difficult to refer candidates that you have no idea what they want to do.  By telling more about you and what your currently working in on the company, you helping candidates create more quality Fit Stories specific to your domain experience.
  3. Create prompts to Fit Stories - Having job referral candidates create pitches for unattended generic problems can sometimes be too general or miss the mark.  Create a specific problem solving prompt that a job seeker could answer in the form of a simulation.  Give a question and context, and wait for Fit Stories to come.


Share your Personalized Referrer Link

After your done customizing your settings, go back to STEP 2 in your Dashboard, and copy your personalized JobFit Referrer Link.  Share you link anytime and anywhere to prompt candidates to earn your referral.

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