Requirement of a job seeker account

  • Any registration with a disposable email or a work email is prohibited.
  • You are only allowed to register for an account with a personal email.

Steps to create a job seeker account

  1. To register for a job seeker account, please visit
  2. Confirm your account with the verification email sent to your personal email.
  3. Once confirmed, you have successfully signed up as a job seeker.

What to expect after you sign in for the 1st time

To begin your JobFit experience, start by Creating a Fit Story.  You can go to after you have logged in.

Create a Fit is a process of 3 steps 

  1. Find a company - based on your career experience, filter down companies that fit your profile in the left panel of step one.  Companies that are labeled as Refer Ready mean active referrers have created JobFit accounts to meet job seekers like you.  You can also find a company by searching through our job board section, which pulls data directly from our partners and 
  2. Fill out your Fit Story - Start creating a pitch on how you see yourself fit in the company.  If you need ideas to start coming up with a pitch, we have questions to guide you along the path.  Some of these questions are a bit more research heavy.  We help jump start your research by providing company information readily available for 50,000+ companies in our database.
  3. Pitching your Fit Story to company employees - Once you completed a Fit Story and published it using a company connect credit, you can either reach out to a company referrer with our in-app messaging or you can start sharing to out of network referrers via email.  We help you manage your job seeking campaign all in step 3.
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