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According to the graphic above by Jobvite,  40% of all hires are by employee referrals while only 7% apply through referrals.  This info-graphic just reinforces "it's who you know" that gets you the job.  Many of us job seekers often have limited networks, and this problem is often heavier if you're in the process of transitioning in whatever context pertains to you. 


Let's say you have decent network

You hand your resume over to an employee for a referral toward working at Company XYZ.

The employee can do two things:

  1. find the hiring team and personally hand over your resume
  2. submit your resume in the company's applicant tracking system, which is an internal Google for resumes

That's it. There's not much else the employee can do.  Even if you as the job seeker really wanted the job, a resume doesn't convince much because there are tons of resumes doing the exact same thing - getting a referral.

So what do I do to stand out?

We are in a globalized economy with global competition.  We need to be better in how stand out, and making your resume prettier or changing a few bullet points is not going to cut it anymore.

You need to pitch yourself in the best way possible in the context of the company well before the first interview. 

Tell the story about yourself to an employee that addresses 3 things:

  • How much you know about the company
  • Proposed solutions to unattended problems with the company
  • how you fit the company and role for the long term

These are the questions every hiring team thinks about, and it's best you answer it proactively.

That seems like a lot of work...

This is the work you're already going to do for your 1st and 2nd interviews.

Instead of answering on the defensive, you're taking everything you know and impressing from the very start.  JobFit helps job seekers like you to create Fit Stories to impress so that all your dream companies will be competing for you.  

The Best Part: all the tools to research and create your Fit Stories are FREE


If your network isn't as big, we can help your with our tiered accounts.  JobFit helps you find employees to refer you, and the tools to manage all the attention you will get.  You can even talk message them directly with our in app messaging system.

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