Looking for a Job Referral?

Each job gets anywhere between 200 to 20,000 resumes in the span of 2 weeks, and adding to that pile even if it's through a job referral, is not productive for any job search.  Sharing your targeted interest to a company insider is essential to get a quality job referral.  Our mission is to help you find quality employee referrals to get you the job you want.

Great!  You may be asking now...

How much does this cost?  And what do I get?

Holistic Career Service Benefits
JobFit at its core is a combination of 5 services bundled together to give you a holistic career service to break into the tech industry or other interested industries.

Fit Report - FREE

  • The biggest pain in the job search is the research portion.  Endless hours are spent on what is going on in the industry, which companies are hiring for the industries you're interested in, and how to get ahead of the competition for the job.  We would to see you succeed and focus on the actionable things that relate to you building a network to get a job referral.  Therefore, we do this research for you for FREE, so you can focus on what matters, building relationships with company insiders for job referrals.
  • If the research alone helps you in your career development, we're happy.  Our goal is to give you annual reports on your career so we can help you keep up with the trends.

Fit Map - FREE

  • The 2nd biggest pain in the job search is figuring out what strategy to use to get an "in" with a company for the job you want.  A lot of us jump straight into focusing on the job and just sending in the resume with that submit button.  It's extremely difficult to get a job with the "Read a job description, change the resume, and apply" strategy.  The odds are 1 in 20000.
  • Our goal is for you to get where you want to be.  So, we do the job strategy research for you for FREE.  After you give us a little bit of information (no more than 5 questions), we'll break down career development strategies in at least 6 methods.  You can develop your career with proven strategies: by the company insiders you've met, by related career, by related industries, by your general customer approach, by companies open to people in transition, and by bootcamp related strategies.
  • If those options aren't enough, you could book 1:1 time with me, the Founder of JobFit, and I can personally do a deep dive with you on career development strategies.

Fit Search - FREEMIUM

  • A lot of job search tools out there really lack the power in finding a job that fits you as your are.  How many times have we found a "perfect job" in the search results, only to see that the job requirements are unrealistic.  I cannot count the times I've wanted to look for company with a job that is in desperate need for my skillsets.  We giving you the option to do this.
  • For FREE, you can search all the companies and the jobs you want in "Find Companies" on the top header.  
  • If you want a more customized approach, we provide a subscription service with our upper tiers that find companies that align with the Fit Map strategies custom made for you.  More information on pricing is below

Fit Story - FREE

  • Company insiders get bombarded all the time with requests on LinkedIn for a job referral.  A lot of messages usually are of a "I saw an interesting job at your company..., we both know someone, therefore you can trust me..., and can you give me a job referral?" nature.  This puts a lot of burden on the company insider to figure out how you fit and why you want to work with their company.  Usually, messages like these unfortunately go ignored.
  • Instead, position your unique careers into understandable Fit Stories for the company.  We'll take you through our process step by step to help you pitch your best narrative to company insiders.  It makes their decision whether to give you a job referral super easy.  If one company insider doesn't want to, you can send your Fit Story to another company insider for an easy response.
  • There's a lot of crappy bias in hiring.  We want to address it head on.  Therefore, we anonymize your profile and Fit Story so company insiders can't bias you out of job consideration based on your gender, race, age, or any other of the common biases in your job search.
  • Our mission is to reimagine the workplace to be more human and representative of the diverse world we live in.  So, the Fit Story service is FREE.

Fit Connect - SUBSCRIPTION (Insider Pass Required)

  • So you've got your Fit Story ready to go, that's fantastic.  You're already ready to go out there and start sharing your Fit Story to get a job referral from employees at the companies that can understand your Fit Story.
  • We can help save time by finding those contacts for you upfront through our paid service.  With Fit Connect, you can select any of the company insiders in our network for a job referral and reach out to them with messaging or email.  With email, we'll send them an introductory email about your Fit Story straight from me, as the Founder of JobFit, so the conversation can transition to a job referral more easily.  More information on pricing is below.

Pricing for Tiers

Meet your future coworker as you apply for a job.

Connect to your future coworkers with an Insider Pass for the price of a coffee with your completed Fit Story

A "Insider Pass" gets you access to all employees in one company.  Whether there are 5 or 100 employees for that company, anybody who is a valid employee at that company will be able to see your Fit Story.

"Unlimited Fit Map Search" maps companies to the strategies we've customized for you for easier job discovery.

For a limited time, you will get 3 Insider Passes for FREE.  Anything after your 3rd Insider Pass will be subject to a subscription plan.

  • 1 Insider Pass per Month  -  [$8.99 / mo] 
  • 5 Insider Passes per Month + Unlimited Fit Map Search  -  [$29.99 / mo]
  • 10 Insider Passes per Month + Unlimited Fit Map Search  -  [$59.99 / mo]
  • 20 Insider Passes per Month + Unlimited Fit Map Search  -  [$99.99 / mo]

Are you a company insider willing help others break through job search bias?

As a employees, use your job referral to vote for more diverse candidates into their organization 

  • Change your organization from the inside out with your job referral.  You have unlimited use of finding job seeking professionals interested in your job referral.
  • You will have a personal shareable company insider link which helps distill interest for your job referral
  • If you have questions on a job seeker's Fit Story, you can use the in-app messaging for clarification.
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