Looking for a Job Referral?

Each job on average gets anywhere between 200 to 20,000 resumes, and adding to that pile even if it's through a job referral, is not productive for any job search.  Sharing your targeted interest to a company insider is much more helpful to get a quality job referral.

Positioning your unique careers into understandable Fit Stories

  • We'll take you through our process step by step to help you pitch your best narrative to company insiders
  • We anonymize your profile so company insiders can't bias you out of job consideration based on your gender, race, age, or any other of the common biases in your job search.
  • Hand pick the company insiders you want to talk with

Pricing for Tiers

Want to meet your future coworker as you apply for a job?

Connect to your future coworkers with an Insider Pass for the price of a coffee with your completed Fit Story

A "Insider Pass" gets you access to all employees in one company.  Whether there are 5 or 100 employees for that company, anybody who is a valid employee at that company will be able to see your Fit Story.

For a limited time, you will get 3 Insider Passes for FREE.  Anything after your 3rd Insider Pass will be subject to a subscription plan.

  • 1 Insider Pass per Month  -  [$8.99 / mo] 
  • 5 Insider Passes per Month  -  [$29.99 / mo]
  • 10 Insider Passes per Month  -  [$59.99 / mo]
  • 20 Insider Passes per Month  -  [$99.99 / mo]

Are you a company insider willing help others break through job search bias?

As a employees, use your job referral to vote for more diverse candidates into their organization 

  • Change your organization from the inside out with your job referral.  You have unlimited use of finding job seeking professionals interested in your job referral.
  • you will have a personal shareable sponsor link which automates interviewing professionals for your job referral
  • if you have questions, you have unlimited use with in-app messaging to clarify on each job seeking professional's fit story
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