As a employees, use your job referral to vote for more diverse candidates into their organization 

  • Change your organization from the inside out with your job referral.  You have unlimited use of finding job seeking professionals interested in your job referral.
  • you will have a personal shareable sponsor link which automates interviewing professionals for your job referral
  • if you have questions, you have unlimited use with in-app messaging to clarify on each job seeking professional's fit story

Job seeking Professionals

Positioning your unique careers into understandable Fit Stories are 100% FREE

  • you will have access Fit Search - Our proprietary tool to filter companies based on your requirements for your next job.  Filter our database of 50000+ companies by industry, business model, job type, or even what tools the company uses to match your own specific skill sets.
  • you will have access to Fit Research - company research where do some of the heavy lifting so you can come up with ideas for you Fit Stories easier.
  • you will have access to Sponsor Ready jobs where Sponsors explicitly state how they are connected to an opening job so you can get more of an inside look into what the job entails.

Extending your network to targeted companies are tiered options

We need to keep the lights on and in our tiered plans:

  • you will have access to Fit Share - an email campaign management tool to track where your Fit Story campaigns to out-of-network company employees.
  • you will have access to Fit Connect - a publishing tool where your Fit Stories will be published to all in platform company specific employees who are eager to make a referral
  • you will have access to initiate a conversation with employee referrers with in-app messaging

Pricing for Tiers

Want to meet your future coworker as you apply for a job?  For the price of a coffee, would you want to have unlimited access to all the employees in 1 company.

Connect with your future coworkers for the price of a coffee with your completed Fit Story and a "Company Connect"

A "Company Connect" is a publishing fee for your company specific Fit Story.  Once it's published, your story will be public to everyone at the entire company for a job referral.  Whether there are 5 or 100 employees for that company, anybody who is a valid employee at that company will be able to see your Fit Story.

  • 1 Company Connect per Month  -  [$8.99 / mo] 
  • 5 Company Connects per Month  -  [$29.99 / mo]
  • 10 Company Connects per Month  -  [$59.99 / mo]
  • 20 Company Connects per Month  -  [$99.99 / mo]
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