Challenges with Job Boards

The resume black hole is where many missed opportunities reside for both the job seeker and the employer.  A study by Jobvite (shown below) has shown significant disadvantages from applying/hiring through a job board as opposed to an employee referral.


Applying through Employee Referrals

Applying through employee referrals is the most efficient way for job seekers to look for a job.  It also has numerous benefits for the hiring side as well.

While this may be the case, internal company referrers are not recruiters.  They have existing jobs and most likely will not enough time to hear your case.  So if you're the job seeker, you have to be very efficient with the way you communicate with an internal company referrer.


Efficient Communication

JobFit is not a job board.  JobFit is a communication platform for job seekers to properly pitch a "Fit Story" to an audience of internal company referrers.  

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