The Value of a Solid Pitch

Finding a job in today's globalized world is much more competitive and complicated than ever.  We at JobFit try to make this complicated process of finding a job much easier to manage.  The strategy for an effective job hunt is having a clear story for each company you're engaging with. 

A clear and engaging "Fit Story" is a job seeker's pitch to a company about why he/she is the best fit for the company.  It is company-specific and answers 3 primary questions:

  1. What is the job seeker's understanding of the company, it's core user/customers, and it's core businesses?
  2. How can the job seeker improve or build upon core businesses?
  3. How are the job seeker's goals aligned with the company's goals?

Each of these answers provides valuable information to an internal company referrer if a job seeker is worth the time to be referred.  The insight from answering the above three questions respectively show referrers:

  1. If the job seeker understands the business and cares about the company
  2. If the job seeker is savvy enough to create new ways to increase revenue or reduce cost
  3. If the job seeker will be loyal to the company because of aligned goals


Simplifying the Complicated Job Hunt

We're helping you create a clear engaging "Fit Story" by following a simple framework.  Here is what it looks like.



The end result looks like the snapshot below.

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