We try to make referral easier to find and easier to make a decision on.  

Employees who want to expand their network and refer more candidates can do so free of cost.  JobFit wants to make the decision of a referral as easy as possible for employees.


A job referral from an extended network usually consists of a job seeker handing a resume directly to an employee.  This resume is ideally curated to match the needs from a job description.  The employee assesses the resume, but to be fair, resumes are often cumbersome to assess as they are just dry material about someone else without much relevant context.  

If the employee really thinks the job seeker is a good fit, the employee might go hand it straight to hiring team.  Otherwise the employee transfers it over the Applicant Tracking System where most of the time it gets lost.  Hopefully the job seeker gets hired and the employee gets a referral bonus and possibly some internal social credit.

If the employee wanted to follow up and advocate further, unfortunately there's not much that could be done.


do things differently.

Job seekers must independently create a company specific pitch to explain concisely:

  • How much they know about the company
  • Proposed solutions to assumed unattended problems with the company
  • how the job seeker fits for the company and role in the long term

We call this pitch a Fit Story.  It lays out all context of fit for an employee because the employee is best suited to understand the pitch.  Basically it's a preemptive assessment of job seekers for problem solving and fit so employees can make the best referrals.

If the employee wants to advocate for a job seeker, the employee will have the Fit Story and the resume in order to explain why the job seeker should be hired and why the employee should get the referral bonus.

JobFit aims lower risk for the company and employee by bringing as much context about a job seeker's company fit so that making a referral would be as easy as a layup.


  • bridge and optimize environments for easier job referral conversations
  • extends networks for the specific purpose of job referrals on both the employee and job seeker sides
  • only connects when there is a Fit Story in the conversation.
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