FREE for general employees who want to refer

General employees are not inclusive of employees who are internal recruiters or part of human resources. 

  • Never closing pipeline of referral talent for your company
  • Personal shareable referral link for asking job seekers to earn your respect for your referral 
  • Private in-app messaging to speak directly with referral talent 
  • Hiring attribution reports for referral submissions


Creating Fit Stories is FREE

In our free tier:

  • you will have access Fit Search - Our proprietary tool to filter companies based on your requirements for your next job.  Filter our database of 50000+ companies by industry, business model, job type, or even what tools the company uses to match your own specific skill sets.
  • you will have access to Fit Research - company research where do some of the heavy lifting so you can come up with ideas for you Fit Stories easier.
  • you will have access to Refer Ready jobs where Referrers post how they are connected to a job and indicate how they can help you best.
  • you will have access to a resume parser to give you immediate feedback on your resume

Extending your network to targeted companies are tiered options

We need to keep the lights on and in our tiered plans:

  • you will have access to Fit Share - an email campaign management tool to track where your Fit Story campaigns to out-of-network company employees.
  • you will have access to Fit Connect - a publishing tool where your Fit Stories will be published to all in platform company specific employees who are eager to make a referral
  • you will have access to initiate a conversation with employee referrers with in-app messaging

Pricing for Tiers

If you wanted to work for a specific team in a specific company, how much would you pay to be introduced a member of that specific team?  Not only is it an introduction, it will be a moderately warm one, where the conversation pretense has already been set for specifically your job referral.

All Fit Stories are private only to you.  

To publish your Fit Stories to the audience of employees at a specific company, you have to use a "Company Connect"

Each "Company Connect" publishes your story to the whole company whether there are 5 or 100 employees for that company registered on JobFit.

  • 1 Company Connect per Month  -  [$8.99 / mo] 
  • 5 Company Connects per Month  -  [$29.99 / mo]
  • 10 Company Connects per Month  -  [$59.99 / mo]
  • 20 Company Connects per Month  -  [$99.99 / mo]
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